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Online Jazz Magazine "Jazz Colours"

The cover of January 2009 edition (Italy)


All About Jazz : 10th Bray Jazz Festival in Ireland, Published: May 28, 2009, by Ian Patterson

ALL ABOUT JAZZ : “It's clear from note one here that Eri Yamamoto is staking out her own pianistic territory and it's a privilege to be able to monitor her progress on her artistic journey.”

ALL ABOUT JAZZ : “Let's agree that pianist Eri Yamamoto's days of being described as a talent deserving wider recognition are now over. With Duologue, she now takes her rightful place as a headliner and leader.”

ALL ABOUT JAZZ : “A high-end eloquence fills Duologue. Discovering its effusive splendor is worth more than anyone could anticipate.”

ALL ABOUT JAZZ : “Duologue is characterized by lovely songcraft and guileless performances and is a perfect showcase for Yamamoto's dense, impressionistic cascades and dazzling romantic swoon..”

ALL ABOUT JAZZ  : Notwithstanding the avant garde roster, Duologue is a richly melodic and rhythmically delightful set. On this showing, Yamamoto's name will soon be the only one you  need to see on the marquee to guarantee quality.

By John Sharpe 

ALL MUSIC GUIDE : “4 Star Review” Her ultra-melodic style is well executed and realized on this very enjoyable CD that has universal appeal, crossing contemporary, progressive, and modern creative genres. There's simplicity and light emphasized, but depth and substance are never far behind in the intelligent constructs of Yamamoto's playing .. This is an often wondrous, highly listenable, and tasteful musical offering that is easily recommended.