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Memorable Foods, Drinks & Beyond!
"Kaisen Donburi" at Numazu port in Shizuoka, Japan
November 2012
"Guiness Beer" on the top floor of the Guiness Museum
in Dublin, Ireland July 2011
"Paul McCandless' Birthday Cake"
It says "Paul, you are the bad cat"
bought at Polish Bakery shop in Montreal, Canada
March, 2011
"Jerk Chicken" at an outdoor restaurant in Kingston, Jamaica
November 2010
"Guinness Beer" in Dublin, Ireland May 2009 New Season's "Olive Oil" in Firenze, Italy Nov. 2008 "White Asparagus" in Munich, Germany May 2009
"Artichoke" in Sardinia, Italy "Wild Strawberry Cake" in Rome, Italy "Squid" in Aomori, Japan Nov. 2007
"Tea w/ pine nuts" in Tunis, Tunisia April 2008   "Fugu Sashimi" in Yamaguchi, Japan
"Sanma Teishoku" in Yokosuka, Japan "Wonderful Presentation!" @Seikai in Oita, Japan  

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